The Dingy Wall, Summer 2021!

Ahh summer time! Loads of watermelon, grilled something or others, beach parties and rum cocktails! Take a browse through the 2021 Summer Edition of the Dingy Wall to see what we’ve been up to.

This newsletter we take a deep dive into our newest board member, Pete Lukomski and his better half Kara Theriaque! Pete joins us from Holyoke and is taking on the position of Charity Director. Please welcome Pete & Kara and enjoy the write up.

Lots of pictures and fun highlights are also added in! We’d like to hear from YOU! Have something interesting you think the club would like to know about? Can be anything Parrot Head related, about the area or a specific member of the club! We are also always looking for new pictures to add to the newsletter and website! Please send all info to your prez, Tonga:

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